Mission & Vision

The Heart of Westside

The Mission

To lead people to a life-giving relationship with Jesus.

The Vision

To be a life-giving church that people want to be a part of and to plant life-giving churches in Manatee County, FL.

What's at the heart of Westside Christian Church?

We have three things that are very valuable to us and we store those deep in our hearts; to share Jesus, to show His love, and to build believers.

Share Jesus
The people of Westside share Christ.  That means that we want all people to know the good news that Jesus, the Son of God, has redeemed them.  Their freedom has been bought at a price and they are loved by God.  This message works its way through everything that we do whether it’s a special event designed to attract people to Westside or it’s as simple as a conversation someone from Westside has with a neighbor, friend, or co-worker.  We want all people, especially those around us, to know that Jesus loves them and has rescued them.

Show Love
Westside Christian Church exists to show Jesus's love to the world.  We do this through serving those in need locally and globally.  We take Jesus’ words about caring for those who cannot care for themselves very seriously.

Build Believers
Westside also exists to build up those who believe in Jesus.  We do this through teaching, Sunday morning worship, life groups, special classes, and getting involved in serving others throughout the community and within our church.

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