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Join us October 25th - December 27th as we take a look at the Book of Revelation.    If the New Testament was a street we would have the gospels on one end.  They would be the four houses that look warm and inviting.  We know the gospels.  We like them.  They make sense to us and aren’t too hard to read.  Then we walk down the street and see this one crazy house on the end of the street.  It has dragons, and beasts, and four horsemen.  The older kids in the neighborhood tell us crazy stories about the people that live in that house.  We wouldn’t dare knock on that door and our parents don’t want us going to that end of the street.  Welcome to the scary house.  Let’s see if we can turn the lights on and meet the people that live in the house.  You will probably recognize them when we get the door opened.