Church Affiliation

We are an independent Christian Church.  We are not a part of a denomination.  That means that we have no outside governing body. We are overseen by elders who are voted on by our congregation.  These elders are the highest authority that we have and they are responsible for overseeing the teaching and care of our church.  Our church is a part of the Restoration Movement.  If you'd like to learn more you can attend one of our Discovering Westside classes.

There are currently over 5,000 churches with 1.5 million members nationwide that make up this brotherhood of churches.  The Restoration Movement started in the 1800s right here in America.  The leaders of the movement were not trying to create another church or type of church.  The early leaders simply wanted to return the church to its original ideal as laid out in the New Testament.  They were seeking the unity of all believers.  Alexander Campbell and Barton Stone are largely considered to be the fathers of the Restoration Movement.  They had different journeys that took them to the same place.  They worked towards an ideal that was laid out in scripture.
The Ideal Church

The Restoration Movement is one of restoring the church not back to what it was like in the beginning but to an ideal of what Jesus wants the church to look like.  The church will always be a work in progress.  Unlike other awakenings or movements throughout history this movement is not to clear the church of the muck or a reaction to something that is wrong.  This movement is about making the church like the church that Jesus had in mind.  It is therefore guided only by the Bible and not on the invention of any man.  Although men started the movement and will continue the movement they are men who are seeking only biblical Christianity at its root.  They are not looking to add or take away anything from the scripture but only to understand what God has revealed in His scripture.  From that understanding then the church is formed.

We believe that Christians everywhere make up the Church (Acts 2:47).  Our local church is a collection of Christians who have professed faith in Christ and made good upon that faith with a public confession of faith and baptism.  We do not require another baptism for membership into our church, only that a Christian be baptized by immersion into Christ here or previously at another church.  If you would like to join our church we ask that you would reiterate your public confession of faith.

As a member of our church we believe that you are a minister (1 Peter 2).  The work of the church is the obligation of all its members.

Want to know the polity of Westside Christian Church?  Download our "Church Polity" document.