Ukraine humanitarian crisis

How can we help?


Pray for the end of the war.
Pray for those displaced.
Pray for those affected by displacement.
Pray for those helping the displaced.


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What does Team Titus do?

Help support Ukrainian refugees in the Czech Republic.
As of March 4, between 20-30,000 refugees from the conflict in Ukraine have arrived in the Czech Republic. The country expects many more and both the government, its citizens, and we are doing what we can to help out.

The Czech Republic's largest rail operator has sent two trains full of humanitarian aid to Ukraine, and also offers free transport to all Ukrainians.

Ukrainians are pouring towards neighboring countries to flee the Russian invasion. It is currently estimated that over 1 million have crossed the boarder - some traveling for more than two days, others joining queues 15km (10 miles) long at border points.
Those fleeing are mostly women and children, as all Ukrainian men aged 18 to 60 are being told to stay and fight - in some cases separated from their families.

Money is going towards housing, transportation, toys/activities for kids, and providing basic needs supplies (food, toiletries, diapers, etc) for the Ukrainian Refugees.

The Titus family are friends of church members Robert and Sara Shrout.