Sermon Series: The Missing Piece
A series on the “7 Woes” of Jesus in Matthew 23.

9.08.19 Humble

Sermon Series: Walk this Way

9.1.19 Jesus = Life

8.25.19 Church clothes

8.18.19 The Gate

8.11.19 Deflated

8.04.19 Walk this Way


FUn found here.jpg

Sermon Series: Chain Breaker: No Longer a Slave to Sin

chainbreaker idea.jpg

Sermon Series: Humility: How to get out of your own way and live the greater life

8.26.18 Living a Life of Humiliation

8.12.18 Check Your Ego at the Door

8.05.18 The Open Door to a Greater Life

Sermon Series: Life Found Here: Family

7.28.18 Love Jug (Guarding Your Heart)

7.21.18 Defending the Title

7.15.18 Grafting

7.08.18 Pruning

7.01.18 The Family Tree

Sermon Series: LFH - Frozen in Time

5.27.18 Legacy

5.20.18 Wake Up

5.13.18 Life is Short

5.06.18 Frozen in Time

Sermon Series: Life Found Here

4.29.18 Fun (Delight)

4.22.18 Family

4.15.18  Time

4.08.18  Crew

Sermon Series: #Lifefoundhere: Friends


Sermon Series: Discipled by Jesus

Sermon Series: Anxious for Nothing

Sermon Series: Christmastime is Here

12.31.17  Grow

12.17.17 Always Ready for Good News

12.10.17 Christmastime is Here


Sermon Series: The Tabernacle - Where Heaven and Earth Meet

12.03.17  Walking through the Tabernacle

11.26.17  The Altar of Incense

11.19.17  The Table of the Bread of Presence

11.12.17 Cleansing through Confession

11.05.17 The Tabernacle



Sermon Series: 24K Mundane

10.01.17 24K Life

9.24.17 A Life not Worth Wasting

9.17.17 Dig the Ditches (Post Hurricane Irma)

9.3.17  Burn the Plows

Sermon Series: Rich & Miserable

8.27.17  No Longer Miserable

8.20.17 Successful and Miserable

8.13.17 Happy and Miserable

8.6.17  Wise and Miserable

7.30.17 Rich and Miserable

Sermon Series: Grace is Greater

7.23.17 Grace > Your Circumstances

7.16.17 Grace >Your Weaknesses

Sermon Series: Life on Mission

4.09.17 Pray

4.02.17 Grow

3.26.17  Share

3.19.17  Serve

3.12.17  Connect

3.05.17  Witness


Sermon Series:  Greater 

1.29.17  Greater Legacy

1.22.17  Greater Church

1.15.17  Greater Life

1.08.17  Greater Vision

Sermon Series:  Vantage Points to the Christmas Story

12.18.16 Christmas from Joseph (God the Interruptor)

12.11.16  Christmas from Herod (Life of Fear)

12.04.16  Christmas from Heaven

Sermon Series:  Rebuilding

11.27.16 Celebration

11.20.16 Choosing Faith over Fear

11.13.16  Overcoming Opposition

11.06.16  Everyone Builds

10.30.16  Uncovering what's Broken

10.23.16  Leadership

Sermon Series:  Lifehacks:  Wisdom for real life - the book of Proverbs

7.17.16 (not recorded)

7.24.16  The Source of Wisdom

7.31.16  Temptation

8.07.16  Sitting at the table of wisdom or the table of folly

8.14.16  Using Words Wisely

8.21.16  Lifehacks: Anger

8.28.16  Lifehacks: Friendships

Sermon Series: Glory Days - Living your Promised Land life now

6.5.16  These are the Glory Days

6.12.16 Inherit Your Inheritance

6.26.16 Walking Circles around Jericho

7.10.16 God Fights for You

5.29.16  Fishers of Men

Sermon Series:  Powerful (a study of 2 Timothy)

5.22.16  Powerful Living

5.15.16  Powerful Harmony

5.08.16  Powerful Words

5.01.16  Powerful Perseverance

4.24.16  Powerful Friendships

4.17.16  Powerful Suffering

4.10.16 Powerful Families

4.3.16 Powerful

Sermon Series:  Finding Your Way Back to God (Feb - March 2016)

3.27.16  Easter 2016

3.20.16  Awakening to Life

3.13.16  Awakening to Love

Sermon Series: Uncluttered (Christmas) (Dec 2015)

12.20.15  Uncluttered: Making Room for Jesus

12.13.15  Uncluttered Relationships

Sermon Series: King of Kings (November 2015)

12.27.15  How do I know if He really loves me?

11.29.15  " target="_blank">Giving to the King

11.22.15  Commitment of the King

11.08.15  Lessons from the Valley

We are missing videos due to a lightning strike.  Crazy right? :)

Living the Kingdom (6.14.15 - 9.20.15)

8.23.15     Judge Not (poor audio)

Prepare the Way (3.15.2015 - 4.05.15)

4.05.15     Go in (Easter) 

3.29.15     (not recorded)

3.22.15     Temptation of Jesus

3.15.15     Baptism of Jesus

Sweatpant Faith (2.01.15 - 3.08.15)
how to be the same faith-filled person no matter what clothes we're wearing. Based on the first chapter of James.

3.08.15     (not recorded)

3.01.15     Listen and Do

2.22.15     New Clothes

2.15.15     Seeing Sin

2.08.15     Living Richly

2.01.15     Perseverance

The Heart of Westside (1.11.15 - 1.24.15)
The 3 most important things at the Heart of our church

1.24.15     Build Believers

1.18.15     Show Mercy

1.11.15     Share Christ (not recorded)

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