These original resources were made by Westside Christian Church in Bradenton and are available to you to use for free in your Church, Bible Study, or for personal use.  Currently we have sermon series' available.  Just click on the picture to open the resource up.

Sermon Series - "Into Samaria"
A study of Acts 8


Good people didn’t go to Samaria.  They would go far out of their way to drive around Samaria.  When faced with the opportunity to go around, Jesus went straight through.  There he met a woman at a well and changed her life and the lives of many who came to see that He was the Savior of the world.  Later, Jesus tells the disciples to go into all the world, and specifically Samaria to spread the gospel.  It was a scary place.

We live in a scary world.  There are terrible things happening all around us.  We can travel to those places in our own town or we can look at the news within our country and around the world.  This is the world that we live in.  We can’t avoid it.  We must bring the Gospel into it.

Jesus is already there.  He is simply calling us to obey His leading and to go there too.  What’s your “Samaria?”


Sermon Series - "Imbibe"
A study on the Fruits of the Spirit


I’m not sure what you know about the fruit of the spirit.  So I’ll clear something up right away.  The fruit of the spirit is not something that you try and get so that you can be closer to God.  You don’t say, “I’m eating more peace and so I’m closer to God.  I’m more patient so now I’m closer to God.”  That’s the opposite of how that works.  You invite God to live within you and then you grow the fruit of the spirit.  You invite God to live within in you and then you grow more patient, more gentle, more self-controlled.

It’s not up to you to grow the fruit.

Sermon Series - "King of Kings"
A study of the book of Malachi

Someone’s in charge.  It’s not you.  You already know that though, don’t you?  It’s not the universe.  It’s not public opinion, or the media, or some super-secret group of powerful people.  It’s God.  The immortal, invisible, and all-powerful Creator of all.  He’s the king.

This king is not a long ways away.  He is present here and now.  He loves you.  Why?  Well, that’s what He does.  His document for us, the Bible, bleeds with an embarrassment of just how much He loves you.  The Bible isn’t your source?  No worries.  He created everything around you.  The love and encouragement that you receive from your friends and/or family?  His idea.  The beauty in the waves, the mountains, and the setting sun?  All His work.  He didn’t just create it.  He makes it happen every time.  Every molecule in this world is guided by the direct work of His hands.  The joy you get from pouring your life into a cause?  Yep, He made that just for you.

God is the King and He’s in charge.  You aren’t.

Join us as we work through God’s words in the book of Malachi.  The book isn’t about Malachi.  Nobody knows who he was.  It’s the last book in the Old Testament and it contains the most direct words from God recorded in any of the other prophetical books.  God’s words in Malachi are old, but they have lost none of their cutting edge towards the heart of nominal, easy going, passionless, “going through the motions, lifeless religion.

It’s not about religion.  It’s about a relationship.  A relationship with the King.

Sermon Series - "Break Camp"
A study of Deuteronomy 1-3

At the beginning of the book of Deuteronomy, Moses addresses a weary people who have been through a lot.  They have seen the highs and lows of life.  They have experienced God’s miraculous work and they have bared the brunt of God’s punishment.  They’ve been attacked.  They’ve been rescued.  They’ve experience hunger and plenty.  They have had their share of boring days.  But mostly, they have been stuck walking in circles.

Are you stuck?

God's message to them was, “The Lord our God said to us at Horeb, “You have stayed long enough at this mountain.  Break camp and advance…””

In what area of your life do you need to “break camp?”  Are you stable and comfortable and wondering what you should do now?  Instead of buying a new sports car to cope with your sense of meaningless or boredom, maybe you can get involved in a long-term relationship with an organization providing food and medical care for the needy in your community or on another continent.  Is it time to “break camp” in your marriage, move past yourself, and start to lead your spouse to accomplish his or her dream?

Where have you “stayed long enough?”  Is there a big step that you have been putting off for a long time?  Why haven’t you taken it?  Why can’t you do it now?  Do you have an idea that could solve a problem within your community or another community?  Maybe you’ve stayed long enough in the shadows and it’s time to make some connections and start some conversations.

I’m guessing that this message is timely in your life.  I’ll bet you already identified something.  Join us for the next 6 weeks as we dig into God’s words to them and to us.

A study of 2 Timothy 1 & 2

God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power. In this study we will have the opportunity to see God’s definition of power and how that can become our way of life.